In vitro antiviral activities of UK-201844 against different HIV-1 laboratory strains

VirusCell lineAssayAntiviral activitya
EC50 (μM)CC50 (μM)TI
HIV-1 NL4-3MT-2XTT1.3 ± 0.6553 ± 3241
HIV-1 NL4-3PM1P242.7 (2.6, 2.7)47 (60, 33)17
HIV-1 IIIBMT-2XTT>3253 ± 32ND
HIV-1 Ba-LPM1P2424472
  • a Antiviral activity was determined in CPE assays after infection of MT-2 cells with HIV-1 NL4-3 or HIV-1 IIIB or by measuring p24 production 6 days after infection of PM1 cells with HIV-1 NL4-3 or HIV-1 Ba-L as described. Cytotoxicity was determined by measuring cell viability using the XTT dye reduction method 6 days after compound addition to MT-2 or PM1 cells. The results represent the means ± standard deviations (4 to 10 experiments) or means and individual values (2 experiments). ND, not determined.