MICs of different antimicrobials for various strains of P. aeruginosa grown in LB medium

StrainAlleleaMutationMIC (μg/ml)b of:
Sensitive strains
    H103Wild type0.10.325612
Resistant strains
    H103Wild type0.10.325612
  • a Mutant alleles in our Tn5-lux library are described online at and in reference 30.

  • b Results are modes from four independent experiments. CIP, ciprofloxacin; NOR, norfloxacin; NAL, nalidixic acid; IMI, imipenem; GM, gentamicin.

  • c H1105 (lon::lux) complemented with the Lon-expressing plasmid pBBR1-MCS5::lon+ (33).

  • d Not measurable, because this resistance marker was on the cloning plasmid.