Population pharmacokinetic parameter estimates for the final modela

ParameterFinal modelBootstrap (n = 1,000)
EstimateRSE (%)2.5th percentileMedian97.5th percentile
CL70kg (liters/h)
V70kg (liters)
TM50 (wks)39.512.132.539.453.4
Albumin on V exponent−0.8327.9−1.29−0.87−0.43
Alpha-1 acid glycoprotein on V exponent−0.2544.0−0.41−0.25−0.03
IIV (CL) (%)58.511.552.158.464.8
IIV (V) (%)11.6145.55.915.727.9
ρ CL-V0.864.500.70.8
Prop., PTN POPS (%)33.616.526.732.738.0
Prop., Staph Trio (%)32.128.819.331.140.1
Prop., CLIN01 (%)20.330.413.018.725.0
  • a RSE, relative standard error; CL70kg, population clearance estimate scaled to a 70-kg adult; V70kg, population volume of distribution estimate scaled to a 70-kg adult; TM50, maturation half-life calculated as a function of PMA; HILL, Hill coefficient in sigmoidal maturation function; IIV (CL), interindividual variability in drug clearance; IIV (V), interindividual variability in volume; PTN POPS, Pharmacokinetics of Understudied Drugs Administered to Children per Standard of Care; Staph Trio, Pharmacokinetics of Antistaphylococcal Antibiotics in Infants; CLIN01, Safety and Pharmacokinetics of Multiple-Dose Intravenous and Oral Clindamycin in Pediatric Subjects with BMI ≥ 85th Percentile; Prop., proportional residual error.