Table 4.

Values of population pharmacokinetic parameters for amikacin estimated for 57 febrile, severely neutropenic patients

ParameterPopulation mean% Interindividual variability
θ1 c 0.7970.181
θ2 c 0.6400.162
θ3 c(y/100)0.9850.106
θ4 c (liter/h)1.660.34
CL (liter/h)218
V 1(liter)8.921.17156
Vt (liter)11.41.3257
θ8 d 0.9390.060
ςɛ 2e 0.1890.083
  • a Estimate of variability expressed as a coefficient of variation.

  • b Standard error (SE) of the coefficient of variation, taken as [SE (var)/var] × var .

  • c Parameters expressing clearance as a function of covariates (see text).

  • d Exponent b of the residual-error model (see text).

  • e Variance of the residual-error model (see text).