Table 1.

Bacterial strains and plasmids

Strain or plasmidRelevant characteristic(s)aSource or reference
E. coli
  MM294supE44 λ rfbD1 spoT thi-1 endA1 hsdR17 pro28
  DH5αendA hsdR17 supE44 thi-1 recA1 gyrA relA1Δ(lacZYA-argF)U169 deoR80dlacΔ(lacZ)M15]1
  GM2163ara-14 leu-B6 thi-1 fhuA31 lacY tsx-78 galK2 galT22 supE44 hisG4 rpsL136 xyl-5 mtl-1 dam13::Tn9 dcm-6 mcrB1 hsdR2 mcrANew England Biolabs
  BL21(DE3)FompTrB mB; DE3 is a lambda derivative carrying lacI and a T7 RNA polymerase gene under placUV5 control43
  K113BL21(DES) carrying the phage T7 lysozyme vector pLysS; Cmr42
P. aeruginosa
  PAO6609met9011 amiE200 rpsL pvd914
  K1032PAO6609 ΔmexAB-oprM48
  K372PAO6609 pchR12
  K879K372 mexB::ΩHgThis study
  K1119PAO1 ΔmexAB-oprM20
  ML5087ilv-220 thr-9001leu-9001 met-9011 pur-67aphA33
  K1121ML5087 ΔmexAB-oprM41
  K1114ML5087 ΔmexCD-oprJ41
  K1115ML5087 ΔmexCD-oprJ ΔmexAB-oprM20
 pMMB206Broad-host-range cloning vector; Cmr27
 pRK415Broad-host-range cloning vector; Tcr15
 pDSK519Broad-host-range cloning vector; Kmr15
 pRK2013Broad-host-range helper vector; Tra+Kmr7
 pMP190Broad-host-range lacZ transcription fusion vector; Cmr39
 pET-21d(+)Polyhistidine tag vector; AprNovagen
 pSUP202ΔTcpSUP202 Δtet; lacks the unique BamHI andHindIII sites of pSUP202; Apr/Cbr Cmr4
 pHP45ΩHgDerivative of pHP45:Ω where the Smr/Spcr of the Ω interposon is replaced by the HgCl2 resistance operon of Tn501; Apr HgCl2r6
 pKPM-1pT7-7::oprM; Apr47
 pKPM-2pVLT31::oprM; Tcr47
 pRSP08pRK415 carrying oprM on a 4.2-kb PstI fragment in the same orientation as plac40
 pQZ05pMMB206::oprMThis study
 pRSP09As for pRSP08 except oprM in the orientation opposite to placThis study
 pQZ06pDSK519::mexABThis study
 pRSP43pMP190 derivative carrying the oprM promoter region upstream of and in the same orientation aslacZThis study
 pRSP44As per pRSP43 but in the opposite orientationThis study
 pXZL6pET-21d(+)::oprMThis study
  • a Tcr, tetracycline resistant; Cmr, chloramphenicol resistant; Kmr, kanamycin resistant; Apr, ampicillin resistant; Apr/Cbr, ampicillin/carbenicillin resistant; Smr/Spcr, streptomycin/spectinomycin resistant.