Table 3.

Conserved nucleotide sequences among ABC transporters

GenePositionsNucleotide sequencec
PDR response elementa
PDH1 −560 to −550 TTCCG·TGGAA
−109 to −100 TTCCA·CGGAA
PDR5 −536 to −526 TTCCCACGGAA
−492 to −483 TTCCG·CGGAA
−376 to −367 TTCCG·TGGAA
  • a PDR response element site 2 ofPDR5 (13) and corresponding sequence inPDH1.

  • b Palindrome with possible regulatory function (19).

  • c Conserved nucleotides are shown in bold letters. A nucleotide was considered conserved if a specific base was observed at the same aligned position in more than two different genes. Gaps introduced to maximize alignment are indicated by periods.