Characteristics and drug susceptibility profiles of 11 spontaneous D15-resistant M. abscessus mutants against various drugs and TAC analogues

StrainaMIC (μg/ml) forb:Mutation in MAB_4384c
CIP104536 S256.22512542164
    D15_S1>200>200>20012542164c32 insertStop
    D15_S4>200>200>20012542164c32 insertStop
CIP104536 R12.53.16.2112.544168
    D15_R3>200>200>200112.544168a304del, t305cStop
    D15_R4>200>200>200112.544168c32 insertStop
    D15_R6>200>200>200112.544168a304del, t305cStop
  • a The mutants were derived from either the CIP104536 S or R parental strain and selected in the presence of 90 μg/ml D15.

  • b MICs were determined in cation-adjusted Mueller-Hinton broth by visually scanning for growth. CFZ, clofazimine; AMK, amikacin; IPM, imipenem; CLR, clarithromycin; FOX, cefoxitin; TGC, tigecycline.

  • c Single-nucleotide polymorphisms and/or indels were identified in MAB_4384, and corresponding amino acid (aa) changes are also indicated.