Table 1.

Bacterial strains, plasmids, phagemids, and phages used in the study

Strain, plasmid, or phagemidCharacteristicsReference(s)
E. coli
  HB101F ara-14 galK2 hsds(20) lacY1 leu mtl-1 proA2 recA13 rpsL20 supE44 thi xyl-5 5
  JM101 supE thi Δ(lac-proAB) F′ (traD36 proAB lacI q ZΔM15) 29, 30
  J53-2F- met pro Rifr 6
  J3-2 Ω7711F met proRifr Ω7711 Apr CmrSmr Sur Tcr 6
Aeromonas hydrophila VL7711Isolated from a human blood sample, India; Apr CmrSmr Sur Tcr 6
Plasmids and phagemids
 pACYC184CmrTcr p15A derivative 9, 37
 pMK20Kmr 21
 pBGS19+ Kmr 44
 pBGS18+ Kmr 44
 pMON1025Apr Cmr Sur; a 4.3-kb BamHI fragment from pMK20, Tn1413 25
 pMON1035Apr Kmr; a 1.9-kbBamHI-HindIII fragment into pBGS18+ This work
 pMON1039AprKmr; a 1.1-kb BglII-XhoI fragment into M13mp18This work
 pMON1041AprKmr; a 1.1-kb BglII-XhoI into M13mp19This work
 pMON1042A 650-bpXbaI-XbaI into M13mp18This work
 pMON1043A 650-bp XbaI-XbaI fragment into M13mp19This work
 pMON1044A 480-bpHindIII fragment into M13mp18This work
 pMON1045A 480-bp HindIII fragment into M13mp19This work
 pMON510J53-2 Ω7711; 1.5-kbSau3AI chromosomal DNA fragment 25
 pMON511Apr; a 2.2-kbSalI-HindIII from pMON510 in pBGS18+ This work
 pMON512Apr; a 2.2-kb HindIII-SalI from pMON510 in pBGS19+ This work