Table 3.

Activity profiles of several protein synthesis inhibitors in cell-free systems from sordarin-sensitive and -resistantCandida species

Compound (concn [μg/ml])% Protein synthesis activityStep inhibiteda
C. albicansC. kruseiC. parapsilosis
Cycloheximide (1)941525Translocation
Verrucarin A (1)587Peptide bond formation
Paromomycin (100)204324Translocation, peptide bond formation
Anisomycin (1)415036Peptide bond formation
Hygromycin (10)519067Translocation
Puromycin (10)481816Peptide bond formation
Emetine (100)779774Unknown
Fusidic acid (100)7710080Translocation
Homoharringtonine (100)23615Loading of aminoacyl-tRNA
Sordarin (1)110094?
  • a As described previously (2).