Table 2.

Resistance to rifampin of S. aureusstrains and mutations in the rpoB gene

StrainRifampin concn (μg/ml) used for selectionRifampin MIC (μg/ml)Mutation (amino acid substitution)aCorresponding mutation in theE. coli β subunit
RN4220-R5 24 TCT→CCT (Ser464→Pro)Δ[Gly507-Leu511]b
RN4220-R6 24 TCT→CCT (Ser464→Pro)Δ[Gly507-Leu511]b
RN4220-R10 32256CAA→CGA (Gln468→Arg)Gln513→Pro/Leu
RN4220-R2 0.0162 GAC→TAC (Asp471→Tyr)Asp516→Val/Asn
BM4368-R2 In vivo4 GAC→TAC (Asp471→Tyr)Asp516→Val/Asn
BM4367-RIn vivo4 GAC→TAC (Asp471→Tyr)Asp516→Val/Asn
RN4220-R1 0.0161GCT→GTT (Ala477→Val)Ser522→Phe
RN4220-R3 0.016256GCT→GAT (Ala477→Asp)Ser522→Phe
BM4368-R1 In vivo128GCT→GAT (Ala477→Asp)Ser522→Phe
RN4220-R4 0.032256 CAT→TAT (His481→Tyr)His526→Tyr
RN4220-R7 2256 CAT→TAT (His481→Tyr)His526→Tyr
RN4220-R8 2256 CAT→TAT (His481→Tyr)His526→Tyr
RN4220-R9 16256 CAT→TAT (His481→Tyr)His526→Tyr
BM4365-RIn vivo256 CAT→TAT (His481→Tyr)His526→Tyr
BM4364-RIn vivo256 CAT→TAT (His481→Tyr)His526→Tyr
BM4366-RIn vivo128CGT→CAT (Arg484→His)Arg529→Cys/Ser
BM4627In vivo128GAT→GGT (Asp550→Gly)NDc
  • a The underscores indicate the base changes.

  • b Deletion.

  • c ND, not described.