Table 2.

Biofilm and effluent organism titers in mixed Sorbarod biofilm cultures of S. pneumoniae serotype 19 and M. catarrhalis ATCC 25238

Inoculum ratio (pneumococcus/ moraxella)Pneumococcus titerMoraxella titer
100:100 13.749.4712.998.60
100:10−1 13.779.6913.128.47
100:10−2 13.759.7713.238.44
100:10−4 13.549.3413.608.43
Pneumococcus control13.779.47
100:100 13.748.7813.8010.69
10−1:100 13.728.9413.779.84
10−4:100 13.598.6813.789.85
Moraxella control13.929.84
  • a An undiluted broth culture of one organism was mixed with an equal volume of a dilution of the other organism and this mixture was used to inoculate a biofilm. After 24 h effluent was collected, the biofilm was harvested, and the organism titers were determined on selective media as described in the text. Control biofilms were inoculated with only one organism. Titers in biofilm (log10) are expressed as recoverable CFU per filter; titers in effluent are expressed as CFU per milliliter.