E. faecium genes implicated in tolerance to chlorhexidine by M-TraM analysisa

Locus tagbGene nameAnnotationAvg fold changec
EfmE1162_2203chrRDNA-binding response regulator8.7
EfmE1162_0264Permease protein, putative4.6
EfmE1162_0996Hypothetical protein4.2
EfmE1162_2026Lactose phosphotransferase system repressor3.9
EfmE1162_0997Conserved hypothetical protein3.9
EfmE1162_2510Holliday junction DNA helicase RuvA3.8
EfmE1162_0431Conserved hypothetical protein3.2
EfmE1162_2202chrSSensor histidine kinase3.0
  • a Boldface type indicates the chtRS system targeted for further analysis.

  • b The locus tag represents the gene containing the transposon insertion.

  • c Fold change in expression of the gene as determined by a ratio of the library grown under the control condition to that under the CHX-challenged condition. Results were averaged from four replicates.