Table 1.

Clinical data, IEF of β-lactamases present inK. pneumoniae isolates and E. colitransconjugants, ESBLs identified by DNA sequencing, and typing patterns

Isolate DesignationDate of isolation ( of specimenβ-Lactamase pIESBLRAPD patternRFLP patternEcoRI plasmid restriction pattern
1042/9626.03.1996SurgeryThroat swab7.68.2 a SHV-5 typeBBB
1289/9611.04.1996SurgeryStool7.68.2 SHV-5 typeCNDb B
1027/9623.03.1996ICUBlood6.0 7.6TEM-47AA1A1
1099/9609.04.1996ICUTracheostomy tube6.0 7.6TEM-47AA2A1
1294/9613.04.1996HematologyStool6.0 7.6TEM-47AA1A1
1298/9618.04.1996CardiologyUrine6.0 7.6TEM-47AA1?c
1590/9625.04.1996ICUTracheostomy tube6.0 7.6TEM-47AA1A1
1592/9613.05.1996ICUThroat swab6.0 7.6TEM-47AA3A2
L-267d 18.01.1995d Łódźd Throat swab6.0 7.6d TEM-47d Ad A4A3
  • a Underlined pI values refer to the pIs for β-lactamases which were also produced by transconjugants.

  • b ND, not determined.

  • c The restriction pattern was not clear; see Fig. 3.

  • d Reference 14.