Table 1.

Pharmacokinetic properties of fluoroquinolonesa

AgentDosageCmax(μg/ml)t1/2 (h)Concn in:Reference
Bronchial mucosa (mg/kg of body weight)Epithelial lining fluid (μg/ml)Alveolar macrophage (μg/ml)
Ciprofloxacin500 mg, twice daily3.015–74.4NDND39
Sparfloxacin200 mg, single dose1.4ND3.311.941.340
Clinafloxacin400 mg, single dose4.96.1NDNDNDParke-Davis file
Gatifloxacin400 mg, single dose3.4 8–10NDNDND26
Grepafloxacin400 mg, for 4 days1.2121.45.0487.310
Levofloxacin500 mg, single dose7.196410.138.42
Moxifloxacin400 mg, single dose3.112–141.565.936.8Bayer file
Trovafloxacin200 mg, multiple dose3.1111.15.824.1Pfizer file
  • a Abbreviations:Cmax, maximum concentration of drug in serum;t1/2, half-life; ND, not determined.