Table 1.

Characterization of C. albicans isolates obtained from patients 7, 14, 43, 9, and 40 treated with fluconazole

Patient and isolateSample collection date (mo/day/yr)FLU dosea (mg/day)MIC (μg/ml)bLD50 (106 CFU/mouse) at 8 daysDNA strain identity
24 h48 h
Patient 7
Patient 14
Patient 43
 218310/27/95100 (F)c 32>128>50C
Patient 9
Patient 40
  • a FLU dose, fluconazole dose required to suppress thrush.

  • b MICs of fluconazole in macrobroth culture after 24 or 48 h of incubation.

  • c (F), failed 100 mg of fluconazole/day when this isolate was obtained.