Patient detailsa

Median (IQR) age (yr)38 (27–50)
No. (%) of male patients1,291 (68)
Median (IQR) BMI (kg/m2)18.7 (16.4–21.6)
Median (IQR) body wt (kg)48 (42–55)
    Nondiabetes patients46 (40–54)b
    Diabetes patients53 (47–60)b
No. (%) of patients who were:
    Smokers612 (32)
    Alcohol users742 (39)
    Smear positive887 (46)
    HIV seropositive19 (1.0)
No. (%) of patients who had:
    Diabetes mellitus452 (24)
    Extrapulmonary TB671 (35)
    Baseline INH resistance53 (8)c
    Category I ATT1,659 (87)
Median (IQR) concn in clinical investigations
    Hemoglobin (g/dl)12.0 (10.9–13.3)
    Glucose (mg/dl)96 (84–127)
    Creatine (mg/dl)0.7 (0.6–0.9)
    Urea (mg/dl)16 (13–20)
    AST (U/liter)19.0 (16.0–25.0)
    ALT (U/liter)13 (10–19)
Median (IQR) dose (mg/kg of body wt)
    RMP9.6 (8.7–10.7)
        Nondiabetes patients10.0 (8.8–11.3)b
        Diabetes patients9.0 (8.3–10.0)b
        PTB patients10.0 (9.0–11.3)b
        EPTB patients9.0 (8.3–10.0)b
        Patients with RMP concn of <8 μg/ml9.6 (8.7–10.7)b
        Patients with RMP concn of ≥8 μg/ml10.0 (9.0–11.3)b
    INH12.5 (10.9–14.3)
        Nondiabetes patients13.0 (11.1–15.0)b
        Diabetes patients11.3 (10.0–12.8)b
        PTB patients13.3 (11.3–15.0)b
        EPTB patients11.3 (9.7–13.3)b
        Patients with INH concn of <3 μg/ml12.0 (10.3–14.3)b
        Patients with INH concn of ≥3 μg/ml12.5 (10.9–14.3)b
    PZA31.3 (27.3–35.7)
        Nondiabetes patients32.6 (27.8–37.5)b
        Diabetes patients28.3 (25.0–31.9)b
        PTB patients33.3 (28.3–37.5)b
        EPTB patients28.3 (24.2–33.3)b
        Patients with PZA concn of <20 μg/ml30.0 (26.3–35.7)b
        Patients with PZA concn of ≥20 μg/ml31.3 (27.3–35.7)b
Median (IQR) drug concn (μg/ml) at 2 h postdosing
    RMP2.3 (0.6–5.0)
    INH7.5 (4.5–11.0)
    PZA33.5 (24.0–41.7)
No. (%) of patients with subtherapeutic level
    RMP (<8 μg/ml)1,740 (91)
    INH (<3 μg/ml)309 (16)
    PZA (<20 μg/ml)333 (17)
No. (%) of patients with the following treatment outcome:
    Favorable1,648 (86)
        Cured687 (36)
        Treatment completed961 (50)
    Unfavorable264 (14)
        Death31 (2)
        Treatment failure20 (1)
        Default213 (11)
  • a Data are for 1,912 patients unless indicated otherwise. BMI, body mass index; ATT, antitubercular treatment; AST, aspartate transaminase; ALT, alanine transaminase; PTB, pulmonary tuberculosis; EPTB, extrapulmonary tuberculosis; RMP, rifampin; INH, isoniazid; PZA, pyrazinamide.

  • b P < 0.05 between the subgroups.

  • c Data were available only for culture-positive cases (n = 651 patients).