Table 2.

Antibiotic resistance phenotypes of S. enterica serotype Typhimurium donor strains and E. coli exconjugants, transferred plasmids, and type of integrons found on plasmids

Salmonella R typeNo. of strainsDonor strainExconjugant R typeFrequency of transferTransferred plasmidIntegron(s)
ApCmKmSmSuTpTeNa5366ApCmKmSmSuTpTe5 × 10−5 140-kb IncFIIn-t1,In-t2
ApCmKmSmSuTpNa9341ApCmKmSmSuTp7 × 10−5 140-kb IncFIIn-t1,In-t2
ApCmKmSmSuTpTe15252ApCmKmSmSuTe6 × 10−5 140-kb IncFIIn-t1,In-t2
ApCmKmSmSuTpTeGmAk8202ApKmSuTeGmAk1 ×10−6 100-kb IncL/MIn-t3
202ApCmKmSmSuTpTe7 × 10−5 140-kb IncFIIn-t1,In-t2
298ApKmSuGmAk7 × 10−7 100-kb IncL/MIn-t3
298ApCmKmSmSuTpTe5 × 10−5 140-kb IncFIIn-t1,In-t2