Table 1.

Characteristics of serial C. albicansisolates from two AIDS patients with OPC

C. albicans isolateDate of isolation (mo/day/yr)MIC (μg/ml)aFlz doseb(mg/day)Molecular changesc
Patient 1
 F309/14/9012.50.090.78100EnhancedMDR1 mRNA levels
 F410/12/90250.090.78100EnhancedMDR1 mRNA levels
 F501/14/91≥500.190.78300EnhancedMDR1 and ERG11 mRNA levels
Patient 2
 G304/15/916.250.0480.39100EnhancedMDR1 mRNA levels
 G405/23/91250.0480.39100EnhancedMDR1 mRNA levels
 G507/30/91≥500.190.78400EnhancedMDR1 mRNA levels, mutation in ERG11 gene, change from ERG11 heterozygosity to homozygosity
  • a MICs were determined by the microdilution method as described previously (27). Flz, fluconazole; Keto, ketoconazole; Itra, itraconazole.

  • b Fluconazole dose used to treat the respective episode.

  • c Molecular changes as compared to the first isolate of each series.