Table 2.

Insect and amphibian antimicrobial peptides

PeptideSourceNo. of amino acidsMode of actionTypical target organismIn vitro MIC (μg/ml)
Antifungal peptide S. peregrina 67Lysis C. albicans 25.0
 A H. cecropia 37Lysis F. oxysporum 12.0
 B H. cecropia 35Lysis A. fumigatus  9.5
 b P. sauvagii 27Lysis C. neoformans 60.0
 s P. sauvagii 34Lysis C. neoformans  5.0
Drosomycin D. melanogaster 44Lysis F. oxysporum 5.9–12.3a
Magainin 2 X. laevis 23Lysis C. albicans 80  
Thanatin P. maculiventris 21Unknown A. fumigatus 24–48a
  • a MICs based on assays with multiple isolates.