Table 1.

Mammalian antifungal peptides

PeptideSourceNo. of amino acidsMode of actionTypical target organismIn vitro MIC (μg/ml)
 NP-1Rabbit granulocytes33Lysis C. neoformans 3.75–15.0a
 NP-2Rabbit granulocytes33Lysis A. fumigatus 25.0
 NP-3ARabbit granulocytes34Lysis A. fumigatus 100.0
 NP-3BRabbit granulocytes33Lysis A. fumigatus 100.0
 NP-4Rabbit granulocytes33Lysis A. fumigatus >100.0
 NP-5Rabbit granulocytes33Lysis A. fumigatus Inactive alone
 HNP-1Human neutrophils30Lysis C. albicans 50.0
 HNP-2Human neutrophils29Lysis C. albicans 50.0
 HNP-3Human neutrophils30Lysis C. neoformans 50.0 (LD50 b)
Gallinacin-1Chicken39Lysis C. albicans 25.0
Lactoferricin-BHuman, bovine18Lysis C. albicans 0.8
Protegrins 1 to 3Human, porcine16–18Lysis C. albicans 3.0–60.0
Tracheal antimicrobial peptideHuman, bovine38Lysis C. albicans 6.0–12.0
TritrptcinHuman, porcine13Lysis A. flavus 250.0
  • a MICs based on assays with multiple isolates.

  • b LD50, lethal dose for 50% of the population.