Table 1.

Bacterial strains

StrainIS 6110 typeaMutation in GyrAbDrug(s) to which the strain is resistantc
M. tuberculosis
 TN913CNone (WT)None
 TN1626WNone (WT)I, S, R, EM, KN
 TN1625WA90VI, S, R, EM, KN, C, ET, CM
 TN1627WD94YI, S, R, EM, KN, C
 TN565WD94HI, S, R, EM, KN, C, ET
 TN606WD94GI, S, R, EM, C
M. bovis BCG
 KD1295None (WT)
 CX1d D94NC
  • a RFLP DNA pattern as described in reference 24.

  • b The genetic mutations specifying the amino acid changes occur in the quinolone resistance-determining region ofgyrA (26). WT, wild type.

  • c Abbreviations: I, isoniazid; S, streptomycin; R, rifampin; EM, ethambutol; C, ciprofloxacin; KN, kanamycin; ET, ethionamide; CM, capreomycin.

  • d First-step spontaneous gyrA mutant of KD1295 (7).