Table 1.

Antibiotic resistance profiles of S. typhimurium isolates used in this worka

Phage typeACSSuTASSuTLong PCR resultb
 Wash. State isolates
  S3447 (type 208, human)x
  S3444 (type 771, bovine)x
  S3426 (type 771, bovine)x
DT104 related
 CDC isolates
  G8430 (U302, human)x+
  G7601 (U302, human)x+
 Wash. State bovine isolates
 CDC human isolates
 NADCc isolates
  13HP (swine)x+
  FDIU 2576 (human)x+
  DHEP 12362 (bovine)x+
  FSIS-026 (FSIS, unknown)x+
  H3379 (untypeable, human)x
  • a x, possession of resistance profile.

  • b See Fig. 3 and Results and Discussion; +, presence of 10,036-bp band.

  • c NADC, National Animal Disease Center.