Table 1.

Bacterial strains and plasmids relevant to this study

Strain or plasmidDescriptionSource or reference
P. aeruginosa
 H103Wild-type PAO110
 H847H103opdE::xylE-GmrThis study
 H846H103oprD::xylE-GmrThis study
 1008Clinical isolate20
 1008OIR011008 nfxCphenotype20
E. coliS17-1thi pro hsdR recATra+33
 pBK19RColE1-derived plasmid, Apr plac oprD14
 pX1918GTpUC-based plasmid containing xylE-Gmr cassette flanked by MCS of pUC19, Apr32
 pEX100TAproriV sacB; gene replacement vector32
 pD2-45oriV mob+ORF2 opdE opdRTcr14
 pUCP19Escherichia-Pseudomonas shuttle vector; Apr plac31
 pMC2pUCP19 mexTThis study
 pET28aExpression vector, Kmr, pT7, lacoperator, lacINovagen, Inc.
 pMC5pET28amexTThis study