Table 2.

Characteristics of E. coli XL1-blue MRF′ transformants selected with ampicillin (10 μg/ml) from the DNA libraries of isolates 871 and 873 in the pBC SK+ vector

LibraryNo. of coloniesPlasmid size (kb)aβ-Lactam-ase pIHybridi-zationPlasmid
Isolate 873
HindIII10107.9 bla OXA-2 p13A
296.1 bla OXA-10 p13F
BamHI4117.9 bla OXA-2 p13D
PstI2106.1 bla OXA-10 p13E
Isolate 871
HindIII17107.9 bla OXA-2 p15A
696.1 bla OXA-10 p15D
BamHI4186.1 bla OXA-10 p15C
  • a The vector pBC SK+ had a size of 3.4 kb.

  • b NA, not applicable.