Values of the secondary PK parameters in volunteers in three clinical trials of DP conducted from 2010 to 2013 in Cambodiaa

RegimenAUC (ng · h/ml)bBeta_hl (h)bt1/2 (days)Tmax (h)Cmax (ng/ml)b
2DP27,460.5 (25,574–29,347)485 (427–543)20.0 (18–23)2.7 (1.9–3.5)562 (499–627)
3DP11,875 (10,978–12,772)457 (407–506)19 (17–21)2.2 (1.5–3.0)138 (122–154)
  • a Data are presented as the mean (95% confidence interval). AUC, area under the concentration-time curve; Beta_h1, elimination phase half-life; t1/2, half-life; Tmax, time to maximum concentration of drug in plasma; Cmax, maximum concentration of drug in plasma.

  • b The differences between the two regimens were statistically significant on the basis of an unpaired t test.