Table 1.

Resistance alleles selected by plating on ciprofloxacin-containing agar

Bacterial speciesCiprofloxacin concn (μg/ml)Amino acid change(s)a
M. bovisBCG0.5A90V
2.25D94G, D94N
3.75D94N, D94N
5.25D94N, D94N
S. aureus0.2NIb, NI
0.3NI, S80Y
0.4NI, S80Y
0.6S80Y, S80Y
  • a Mutations in GyrA (M. bovisBCG) or ParC (S. aureus) contain a letter representing the wild-type amino acid followed by the codon number and a letter representing the amino acid in the mutant. Abbreviations: A, alanine; D, aspartic acid; N, asparagine; G, glycine; Y, tyrosine; V, valine; NI, not identified.