Table 4.

Identity of amino acid sequences of ACC-1 to other class C β-lactamases

β-Lactamase (reference)a% Identity with:
ACC-1S. marcescens AmpCFOX-2CMY-1P. aeruginosa AmpCC. freundii AmpCE. coli AmpCEnterobacter cloacae AmpCM. morganii AmpC
S. marcescens AmpC (31)10045.644.544.938.338.941.539.8
FOX-2 (8)10074.953.741.842.043.946.3
CMY-1 (7)10054.441.
P. aeruginosa AmpC (26)10041.942.744.154.4
C. freundii AmpC (25)10076.773.257.2
E. coli AmpC (24)10069.857.9
Enterobacter cloacae AmpC (17)10055.1
M. morganii AmpC (1)100
  • a One representative of each group of the seven AmpC types (Fig. 5) was selected for comparison.