Table 2.

Results of synergy testing with methicillin-resistantS. aureus and enterococci

OrganismMIC (μg/ml)Result for drug combination at time (h)a
Clina-floxacinVanco-mycinTeico-planinCefo-taximeAmi-kacinClinafloxacin + vancomycinClinafloxacin + teicoplaninClinafloxacin + cefotaximeClinafloxacin + amikacin
S. aureus 210.5>648AdSy (1/0.5)Sy (1/0.5)Sy (1/0.25)Sy (1/0.25)Sy (1/0.25)AdSy (1/128)Sy (1/128)AdSy (1/4)Sy (1/4)
40.51>644AdAdAdAdSy (2/0.5)AdAdSy (2/128)Sy (2/128)AdAdAd
110.5>648AdSy (0.25/0.5)Sy (0.25/0.5)AdSy (0.25/0.25)Sy (0.25/0.25)AdSy (0.25/32)Sy (0.25/32)AdSy (0.25/4)Ad
E. faecalis 410.25>6464AdSy (1/0.5)AdAdAdAdAdAdAdAdAdAd
110.12>6464AdAdAdAdSy (0.5/0.06)AdSy (0.5/>64)AdAdAdAdAd
210.25>64>64Sy (1/0.5)AdAdAdAdAdAdAdAdAdAdAd
E. faecium 8>64>8>64>64AdAdAdAdAdAdAdAdAdAdAdAd
0.2510.25>648AdSy (0.12/0.5)Sy (0.12/0.5)AdSy (0.12/0.12)Sy (0.12/0.12)Sy (0.12/256)Sy (0.12/256)Sy (0.12/256)Sy (0.12/4)Sy (0.12/4)Ad
  • a Sy, synergistic; Ad, additive. Values in parentheses are MICs, i.e., the lowest concentrations (in micrograms per milliliter) of each compound that yielded a ≥2-log10decrease in CFU per milliliter compared to the more active single compound.