Table 3.

Results of synergy testing withStreptococcus pneumoniaea

MIC (μg/ml)Result for drug combination at time (h)b
ClinafloxacinVancomycinPenicillinCefotaximeQuinupristin-dalfopristinClinafloxacin + vancomycinClinafloxacin + penicillinClinafloxacin + cefotaximeClinafloxacin + quinupristin-dalfopristin
0.120.25420.5AdAdAdAdAdSy (0.03/2)AdAdSy (0.03/1)AdAdAd
0.120.25420.5AdAdAdAdAdSy (0.06/2)AdSy (0.06/1)Sy (0.06/1)AdAdAd
  • a Three strains were tested.

  • b Sy, synergistic; Ad, additive. Values in parentheses are MICs, i.e., indicate the lowest concentrations (in micrograms per milliliter) of each compound that yielded a ≥2-log10 decrease in CFU per milliliter compared to the more active single compound.