Table 1.

PZase activity, changes in pncA nucleotide sequence, and corresponding amino acid changes of the 23 PZA-resistantM. tuberculosis isolates in this study

IsolateOriginPZase assay resultChange(s) in:
Nucleotide sequenceAmino acid sequence
8251RwandaΔ C at 512Frameshift
97-553BelgiumC to G at 514 and T to C at 515L172A
97-557BelgiumC to G at 514 and T to C at 515L172A
97-578BangladeshC to T at 425aT142M
97-718AzerbaijanT to G at 254L85R
97-720AzerbaijanC insertion 407–408Frameshift
97-826CanadaT to C at 307Y103H
97-854BangladeshG to A at 511A171T
97-1006BangladeshA to C at 410aH137P
97-1069AzerbaijanΔ 68 bp 195–263Frameshift
97-1174AzerbaijanC to A at 185P62H
98-29ScotlandG insertion 221–222Frameshift
98-30ScotlandG insertion 221–222Frameshift
98-31ScotlandC to T at 151H51Y
98-32Scotland+C to T at 512A171V
98-34ScotlandG to C at 406D136H
98-36ScotlandA to G at −11bNo
  • a Previously described mutations (12).

  • b Previously described mutation (15).