Table 7.

Nucleotide and amino acid substitutions in thebla TEM genes fromP. mirabilis strains

β-Lactamase and strain or enzymeMutation at the following nucleotide (substituted amino acid)a:
32b226 (8)263 (21)317 (39)346 (48)436 (78)477 (92)512 (104)604 (134)682 (160)692 (164)911 (237)914 (238)917 (240)925 (242)929 (244)990 (265)
 TEM-1 (bla TEM-1A)c GCC-TA C (Phe)C (Leu)C (Gln)A (Glu)C (Gly)G (Gly)G (Glu)G (Ala)T (Thr)C (Arg)G (Ala)G (Gly)G (Glu)G (Gly)C (Arg)C (Thr)
 TEM-1 (bla TEM-1B)c GCC-TA TTT
 TEM-2 (bla TEM-2)c GCT-TA A (Lys)GTCA
 CF579 (TEM-57) GCTATA GTA (Asp)CA
 CF249 (TEM-24) GCT-TA A (Lys)GTA (Lys)CA (Ser)A (Thr)A (Lys)A
 CF39 (TEM-3) GCT-TA A (Lys)GTA (Lys)A (Ser)A
 CF669 (TEM-66) GCT-TA A (Lys)GTA (Asp)A (Lys)A (Ser)
 CF449 (TEM-44 [IRT-13]) GCT-TA A (Lys)GTCAA (Ser)
 CF659 (TEM-65 [IRT-16]) GCT-TA A (Lys)GCAT (Cys)
 CF739 (TEM-73 [IRT-18]) GCT-TA T (Phe)CGTCAT (Cys)T (Met)
 CF749 (TEM-74 [IRT-19]) GCT-TA T (Phe)CGTCAA (Ser)T (Met)
  • a Nucleotide positions are from Sutcliffe (37), and amino acids positions are from Ambler et al. (1).

  • b The nucleotide at position 32 is given in boldface type.

  • c The sequences are from Chen and Clowes (12) and Goussard and Courvalin (15).