Table 6.

Antimicrobial susceptibility of S. pneumoniaeby age groupa

Antimicrobial agent% Susceptibleb
≤2 yr (n = 284)3–12 yr (n = 134)≥13 yr (n= 813)
Penicillin48.661.2c 70.3c
Amoxicillin-clavulanate62.472.9c 83.5c
Ceftriaxone66.976.7c 85.9c
Clindamycin87.394.8c 95.7c
Tetracycline77.186.5c 84.9c
  • a Forty-five isolates were not available for this analysis.

  • b Susceptible by using the interpretive categories recommended by NCCLS.

  • c The prevalence of susceptible strains is significantly higher than the prevalence in the ≤2-year-old age group (P < 0.05).