Table 1.

Comparison of amino acid sequences of SHV derivatives

SHV variantpI of β-lactamaseAmino acid no.aSource or reference
SHV-17.6NDb LeuArgGlySerThrAlaAspLysLeuArgGlyGlu4
IleLeuArgGlySerAlaThrAspLysLeuArgGlyGluThis study
SHV-27.6NDThrAla Ser c 5
Ser 8, 9, 15, this study
SHV-2a7.6 Gln Ser 16
SHV-37.0 Leu Ser 12
SHV-47.8ND Leu Ser Lys 14
SHV-58.2 Ser Lys 6
SHV-67.6 Ala 3
SHV-77.6 Phe Ser Ser Lys 7
SHV-87.6 Asn 19
SHV-9 (SHV-5a)8.2 Arg AsnValGly Ser Lys 18
SHV-108.2 Gly Arg AsnValGly Ser Lys 18
SHV-117.6 Gln 13
SHV-128.2 Gln Ser Lys 13
OHIO-17.0 Phe Ser Phe Phe Ala 21
LEN-17.0 Val Gln Gln 2
  • a Amino acid sequence numbers according to Ambler et al. (1). Boxed area represent sequence variations addressed in this study. —, no amino acid reported at this position. For more information regarding the amino acid sequences of SHV-type β-lactamases, see reference 10a.

  • b ND, not done. The amino acid sequence obtained by protein sequencing, and therefore it does not contain the amino acids in the signal sequence. All others are putative amino acid sequences obtained from nucleotide sequencing.

  • c Amino acids in boldface represent substitutions from SHV-1 (4) resulting in new SHV-type enzymes.