Table 1.

Strains and plasmids

Strain or plasmidRelevant propertiesaSource or reference
 ATCC 14028 S. enterica serovar Typhimurium soxRS + American Type Culture Collection
 EM1soxRS)::tetderivative of ATCC 14028Martins et al., unpublished data
 PP120ΔsoxRS derivative of ATCC 14028 31
 SL4213 S. enterica, restriction deficient/modification proficientJ. Mekalanos, Harvard Medical School
 St45 S. enterica P185645, clinical isolate 19
 St46 S. entericaP185646, quinolone-resistant clinical isolate 19
 pAK451-kb S. enterica St45soxRS fragment in pACYC177 (ApR)This work
 pAK461-kb S. enterica St46 soxRSfragment in pACYC177 (ApR)This work
 pEM451-kbS. enterica St45 soxRS fragment in Bluescript (ApR)This work
 pEM461-kb S. enterica St46 soxRS fragment in Bluescript (ApR)This work
 pEM3001-kb S. enterica LT2 soxRS fragment in Bluescript (CmR)Martins et al., unpublished data
  • a Abbreviations, ApR, resistant to ampicillin; CmR, resistant to chloramphenicol.