Table 1.

rRNA methylase genes involved in MLSB resistance

ClassProteinGene nameGene(s) included% HomologyPlasmid transposoncGenBank no. or referencee
DNAAmino acid
AErm(A) erm(A) erm(A)8381Tn554 X03216
erm(TR) AF002716
BErm(B) erm(B) erm(AM)98–10098–100Tn1545 X52632
erm(AM)pAMβ-1 Y00116
erm(AM)pAM77 K00551
erm(B)Tn917 M36722
erm(B)pAD2 M11180
erm(B)pIP501 X72021
erm(AMR) U86375
erm(BC)pIP1527 M19270
erm(P),erm(BP)a pIP402 U18931
erm(IP)pIP501 U00453
erm(Z), erm(BZ1),erm(BZ2)a Tn5398 AF109075
erm pLEM3 U48430, X82819
erm(2)pBT233, pMD101 X64695,X66468
CErm(C) erm(C) erm(C)99–10098–100pE194 J01755,V01278
erm(C)pT48 M19652
erm(C)pE5 M17990
erm(C)pJR5 L04687
erm(C)pA22 X54338
erm(C)pSES6 X82668
erm(C)pSES5 Y09001
erm(C)pSES4a Y09002
erm(C)pSES21 Y09003
erm(C)J3356::pOX7 U36911
erm(IM)pIM13 M13761
erm(M)pNE131 M12730
erm(M)pPV141 U82607
erm(M)pPV142 AF019140
Dd Erm(D) erm(D) erm(D)97–99 97–99 pBD90 M29832
erm(J)pBA423 L08389
erm(K) M77505
EErm(E) erm(E) erm(E)9996pUC31, pIJ43 X51891
erm(E2) M11200
FErm(F) erm(F) erm(F)98–10097–100pBF4 M14730
erm(F)Tn4351 M17124
erm(FS)pBI106, Tn4551 M17808
erm(FU)Chromosomal M62487
GErm(G) erm(G) erm(G)9999pBD370 M15332
erm(G)Tn7853 L42817
Hb Erm(H) erm(H) car(B)pOJ159 P13079,M16503
Ib Erm(I) erm(I) mdm(A) 34
Nb Erm(N) erm(N) tlr(D) X97721
Ob Erm(O) erm(O) lrm 8484pLST391 M74717
srm(A) AJ223970
QErm(Q) erm(Q) erm(Q)Chromosomal L22689
RErm(R) erm(R) erm(R) M11276
Sb Erm(S) erm(S) erm(SF)100100pET23 M19269
tlr(A) P45439
Tb Erm(T) erm(T) erm(GT)pGT633 M64090
Ub Erm(U) erm(U) lmr(B)pPZ303 X62867
Vb Erm(V) erm(V) erm(SV) U59450
Wb Erm(W) erm(W) myr(B) M77505,P43433
Xb Erm(X) erm(X) erm(CD),erm(A)b 99–10099–100pNG2 M36726,X51472
erm(CX)Tn5432 U21300
Yb Erm(Y) erm(Y) erm(GM)pMS97 57
Zb Erm(2) erm(2) srm(D)69
Unclassified clr pJI702 18
  • a When two or three gene names are listed under “Genes included,” it means that the same gene was designated by two or three different names in the literature; forerm(B), erm(C), and erm(M), multiple related genes have been sequenced, and a selection of these are listed, although they are not complete lists, since some of them have not been completely sequenced.

  • b Newly designated classes, proteins, and genes given a single-letter designation rather than the two-letter or different three-letter designations currently used in the literature.

  • c The list of plasmids includes both recombinant and natural plasmids.

  • d Class D includes genes labeled in the literature as erm(D), erm(J), anderm(K); because they share between 97 and 99% DNA and amino acid homology, they have been grouped under class D anderm(D).

  • e Information was provided by GenBank and references 10-12, 18, 25, 29, 31, 32, 34, 35, 37, 38, 42,46, 55-57, 60-62, 65, 69, 71, 77, 88, 89, 91, 95, and108-110.