Table 1.

Laboratory strains and plasmid used in this study

Strain or plasmidGenotype or descriptionaSource or reference
P. aeruginosa
 PAM1020PAO1 prototroph 18
 PAM1032 nalB(mexAB-oprM is overexpressed) 18
 PAM1033 nfxB (mexCD-oprJ is overexpressed) 18
 PAM1034 nfxC (mexEF-oprN is overexpressed) 18
 PAM2381PAM1020/pAGH97 (mexXY)This study
 PAM1154 oprM::ΩHg 18
 PAM1561ΔmexAB-oprM::Cm ΔmexCD-oprJ::Gm 18
 PAM1753 nfxC ΔmexAB-oprM::Cm ΔmexCD-oprJ::GmThis study
 PAM1624ΔmexCD-oprJ::Gm ΔmexEF-oprN::ΩHg 18
 PAM1723 nalB ΔmexCD-oprJ::Gm ΔmexEF-oprN::ΩHgThis study
 PAM1625ΔmexAB-oprM::Cm ΔmexEF-oprN::ΩHg 18
 PAM1738 nfxB ΔmexAB-oprM::Cm ΔmexEF-oprN::ΩHgThis study
 PAM1626ΔmexAB-oprM::Cm ΔmexEF-oprN::ΩHg ΔmexCD-oprJ::Gm 18
 PAM1548 gyrA (Thr83→Ile) 18
 PAM1573 nalB gyrA(Thr83→Ile) 18
 PAM1491 nfxC gyrA (Asp87→Tyr) 18
 PAM1582 nalB gyrA (Thr83→Ile) parC(Ser87→Leu) 18
 PAM1609 nalB gyrA (Thr83→Ile) parC (Ser87→Leu) gyrA(Asp87→Tyr) 18
 PAM1667 gyrA(Thr83→Ile) parC (Ser87→Leu)mexA-phoA::Tc 18
 PAM1669 gyrA (Thr83→Ile) parC(Ser87→Leu) gyrA (Asp87→Tyr)mexA-phoA::Tc 18
 PAM1619 nalB gyrA (Thr83→Ile) parC(Ser87→Leu) Xb 18
 PAM2005 nalB (β-lactamase is fully expressed)This study
 PAM2035 mexA::Tc (β-lactamase is fully expressed)This study
E. coli
 ATCC 25922K12 prototrophMicrocide collection
 ECM1642 marR1642 14
 ECM1668 marR1642 ΔacrAB::Km 14
Plasmid pAGH97Ap; pAK1900 containing themexXY operon 1
  • a ΩHg, Hg resistance-determining derivative of interposon Ω; Cm, chloramphenicol resistance; Gm, gentamicin resistance; Tc, tetracycline resistance; Km, kanamycin resistance; Ap, ampicillin resistance.

  • b Mutation is located outside of QRDRs ofgyrA and parC.