Summary of results for PAO1 treated with the pel repressor small molecules

ParameterResult fora:
Antibiofilmb/antivirulenceAntibiofilmbPel/Psl repressors
pelB expression+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
pslA expression++++++++++++++++++++++++
CR assay (EPS)+++++++++++++++
CV assay (biofilm)+++++++++++++
Flow biofilm assay (depth)++++++++++++NDcNDNDND
Nematode antivirulence++++
Anaerobic biofilm++ND+++++++
  • a Statistically significant repression effects were scored as mild (+ [>15%]), moderate (++ [>30%]), strong (+++ [>50%]), or no effect (−).

  • b Compounds were grouped as antibiofilm molecules if they reduced at least 2 out of 3 aerobic biofilm phenotypes (CR, CV, or flow biofilm assays).

  • c ND, not determined.