Antiviral activity of pibrentasvir against HCV replicons containing NS5A genes from HCV-infected patients

HCV genotypeNo. of samplesPibrentasvir EC50 (pM)g
RangeMedian (IQR)
1a110.55–1.70.89 (0.54)
1b81.4–3.52.7 (1.2)
2aa60.52–1.90.93 (0.32)
2bb111.1–1.91.3 (0.27)
3ac140.47–1.70.71 (0.4)
4ad80.27–1.30.50 (0.13)
6ae30.63–1.00.74 (0.2)
  • a Five of the genotype 2a samples had M31 in NS5A. One sample contained NS5A from 2a-JFH-1 and had L31.

  • b Seven of the genotype 2b samples had L31, two had M31, and two had M/L31.

  • c Three of the genotype 3a samples had A30K, one had A30T, and two had Y93H.

  • d One of the genotype 4a samples had K24R, one had L28M, one had L30R, and one had P58T.

  • e Two of genotype 6a samples had F28L.

  • f The genotype 6e sample had K24R and V28M.

  • g As determined in transient-transfection assays. IQR, interquartile range.

  • h NA, not applicable.