Table 1.

Bacterial strains used in this study

StrainRelevant genotype or characteristicSource or reference
PAO1Wild type; produces MexAB-OprM37
PAO200-2PAO200 nfxB; overproduces MexCD-OprJThis study
PAO200-3PAO200 nfxB; highly overproduces MexCD-OprJThis study
PAO200-4PAO200nfxB; highly overproduces MexCD-OprJThis study
KG3056nfxB; overproduces MexCD-OprJ6
KG2239PAO1 with Δ(mexR-mexAB-oprM)16
N103KG2239 with Δ(mexXY)16
PAO-7HOverproduces MexEF-OprN13
PAO3579PAO1 with ΔamrRmexZ)a38
PAO238PAO200 with Δ(mexCD-oprJ)This study
PAO253PAO-7H with Δ(mexAB-oprM)This study
PAO255PAO253 with Δ(mexEF-oprN)This study
PAO267PAO3579 with Δ(mexAB-oprM)This study
PAO280PAO267 with Δ(mexXY)This study
  • a amrR is identical to mexZ(1).