Table 3.

SSCP analysis of P. carinii DHPS mutations in 41 clinical isolates

No. of isolatesDHPS codons 55 and 57a determined by:
SSCPDirect sequencing
24b T-55, P-57T-55, P-57 (9)c
2 A-55, P-57 A-55, P-57
3 A-55, S-57 A-55,S-57
2 A/T-55, P-57 A/T-55, P-57
3 A/T-55, P-57T-55, P-57
2 A/T-55,S/P-57 A/T-55, S/P-57
2 A/T-55, S/P-57 A/T-55, P-57
3 A/T-55, S/P-57T-55, P-57
  • a Amino acids that differ from those in the wild-type sequence are underlined; the genotype A/T-55, S/P-57 represents a mixture of wild-type (T-55, P-57) and double mutant (A-55, S-57) sequences.

  • b Including two isolates containing a synonymous change at codon 51 or 73, respectively.

  • c Only nine isolates were examined by direct sequencing.