Table 1.

Numbering of the important class B residuesa

β-LactamaseZn1 ligandsZn2 ligands
Subclass B1
Consensus BBL His116 His118 His196 Asp120 Cys221 His263
 CcrAHis99His101His162Asp 103Cys181His223
VIM-1 His88 His90 His153 Asp92 Cys172 His214
BlaB His76 His78 His139 Asp80 Cys158 His200
IND-1 His96 His98 His159 Asp100 Cys178 His220
Subclass B2
Consensus BBL Asn116 His118 His196 Asp120 Cys221 His263
CphA Asn69 His71 His148 Asp73 Cys167 His205
Sfh-I Asn72 His74 His151 Asp76 Cys170 His212
Subclass B3
Consensus BBL His/Gln116 His118 His196 Asp120 His121 His263
FEZ-1 His71 His73 His149 Asp75 His76 His215
GOB-1 Gln80 His82 His157 Asp84 His85 His213
THIN-B His105 His107 His185 Asp109 His110 His253
  • a For CcrA, the numbering is reported in references 10 and 24. When not confirmed by a three-dimensional structure, the ligands are underlined. The consensus (bold) and putative consensus (bold and underlined) ligand numbers are given for each subgroup.