Table 1.

Characteristics of 38 MRSA strains isolated worldwide

MRSA strainaCountry of isolationYr of isolationCoagulase isotypebDesignation of probe(s) with positive hybridizationPCR result for localization of representative gene or structuredReference
NCTC 10442N31585/2082ccr gene typeeIS1272mecImecR1PB/MSmecAMREP typingf
NCTC 10442United Kingdom196131–62, 3, 102–51+−/++i32
61/6219United Kingdom196131–63, 4, 102–51+−/++i32
64/3846United Kingdom196431–62–4, 102–51+−/++i32
64/4176United Kingdom196431–61–3, 102–51+−/++i32
86/4372(DNH)United Kingdom198631 1–3, 102, 3, 5+−/++ii32
KL3Malaysia198731–62–4, 102–51+−/++i38
KL50Malaysia198941, 5 1–31–73++/++iii38
86/961United Kingdom19864None1–41–73++/++iii32
86/560United Kingdom19864None1–41–73++/++iii32
85/1762Hungary198541, 5 1–41–73++/++iii32
85/2082New Zealand198541, 5 1–41–73++/++iii32
85/2147Hong Kong19854None1–41–73++/++iii32
86/2652United Kingdom198641, 2, 41–41–73++/++iii32
85/5495Saudi Arabia19854None1–41–73++/++iii32
85/3619Austria198545 1–41–73++/++iii32
82/20-1Japan198221, 2, 51–101, 2, 4, 52++/++ii33
85/2235United States198525 1–101, 2, 4, 52++/++ii32
86/JO60Japan198521, 5 1–101, 2, 4, 52++/++ii32
86/BB5918Japan198621 1–101, 2, 4, 52++/++ii32
87/27Japan198721, 2, 51–101, 2, 4, 52++/++ii32
87/20Japan198721, 2, 51–101, 2, 4, 52++/++ii32
87/25 (DNH)Japan198721, 5 1–4, 6–101, 2, 4, 52++/++ii32
84/9580South Africa198421–61–4, 10 2–5, 71+−/++i32
86/9302United Kingdom198621–61–4, 10 2–51+−/++i32
85/1774Italy198521–61–4, 10 2–51+−/++i32
85/1940France198521–62, 3, 52–51+−/++i32
85/2232United States19854None1–102–52++/++ii32
81/108 (DNH)Japan198141, 5 2–42–52+−/++ii12
93/H44Japan199341, 5 1–31–73++/++i11
85/4547 (DNH)Israel198571, 3 3, 42, 52+−/++ii32
  • a DNH, strain whose chromosomal DNA did not typically hybridize to any of the three sets of the typing probes.

  • b See the article by Ushioda et al. (34) for details of coagulase isotyping.

  • c See Fig. 1 for the locations of the probes.

  • d Localizations of the essential genes in SCCmec were estimated by PCR. The mecA gene and its regulator genes mecI and mecRI of both the penicillin-binding region (PB) and membrane spanning region (MS) are identified by using the primers described by Suzuki et al. (31). Localization of IS1272 in SCCmec was identified with the set of primers mA2, corresponding to the nucleotide sequence of the mecA gene, and iS-4, corresponding to the nucleotide sequence of IS1272(2). A minus sign indicates that no DNA fragment was amplified by the set of primers described above.

  • e The type of ccr complex was identified with PCR by combining primer β2, which was common to threeccrB genes, and three primers specific for eachccrA gene, α2(ccrA1), α3 (ccrA2), and α4 (ccrA3).

  • f MREP typing is a method to amplify the right extremity region of SCCmec by using the primer sets bracketing the right SCCmec-chromosome junction point. The right PCR primer was cR4, and the left primers for each type of SCCmec were mR2 (types I and II) and mN16 (type III). For the locations of primers, see Fig. 1.