Table 3.

Mutation sites in orange-pigmented first-step mutants

MB118 rsbW1 A2350TAmino acid exchange K44Mb in RsbW
MB119 rsbW2(Am)C2525GAmino acid exchange Y102stopb in RsbW
MB127 rsbW3 C2375GAmino acid exchange T52Rb in RsbW
MB128 rsbW4 G2210AMutation in putative ribosome-binding site
MB130 rsbW5(Am)2527TFrame shift mutation by T insertion in RsbW
MB132 rsbW6 G2222TAmino acid exchange M1Ib in RsbW
MB137 sigB2 G3115AAmino acid exchange E148Kc in ςB
MB138 rsbW7 G2287AAmino acid exchange R23Hb in RsbW
MB148 rsbW8 G2209TMutation in putative ribosome-binding site
  • a Position of mutation in thesigB operon (accession number Y07645).

  • b Position of the amino acid exchange in RsbW (accession number CAA68931).

  • c Position of the amino acid exchange in ςB (accession number CAA68932).