Table 2.

Deduced amino acid substitutions identified in PBP 3s from 25 BLNAR strains and 5 AMP-susceptible strains of H. influenzae

Assigned groupStrainAmino acid substitution
Asp-350 Ser-357 Met-377 Ser-385 Leu-389 Arg-517Asn-526
Control MT196
I ME2014His
ME1547 Asn ThrHis
ME692 Asn Asn His
ME1503 Asn Asn His
H17Asn His
N130 Asn AsnHis
H2 Asn Asn His
ME1495 Asn His
H7Asn Asn IIe Thr His
II ND01Asn Asn Lys
ME570 AsnLys
ME587 AsnLys
KK01 Asn AsnLys
ME495 Asn AsnLys
MT273 Asn AsnLys
MT160 Asn AsnLys
ME267 Asn AsnLys
MT040 Asn AsnLys
ME1210 Asn AsnLys
MT313 Asn AsnLys
ME1976 AsnLys
III MT066 Asn AsnIIe Thr Phe Lys
MT070 Asn AsnIle Thr Phe Lys
ME1133 Asn AsnIle Thr Phe Lys
ME870 Asn AsnIle Thr Phe Lys