Table 1.

Bacterial strains and plasmids

Strain or plasmidRelevant genotype or phenotypeSource or reference
P. aeruginosastrains
 PAO1Wild type14
 K767Wild-type PAO122
 K1119K767 ΔmexAB-oprM; MexAB-OprM deletion strain19
 OCR1K767 nalB; MexAB-OprM-overproducing strain22
 K1521K767 ΔmexCD-oprJ; MexCD-OprJ deletion strainThis study
 K1536K767 nfxB; MexCD-OprJ-overproducing strainK. Poole, unpublished data
 K1240PAO2375 nfxC; MexEF-OprN-overproducing strain10
 K1525K767 ΔmexXY; MexXY deletion strainThis study
 pLP170PromoterlesslacZ transcriptional fusion vector37
 pmexA-lacZpLP170 containing a mexA-lacZtranscriptional fusion; Ampr This study
 pmexC-lacZpLP170 containing a mexC-lacZtranscriptional fusion; Ampr This study
 pJK1Promoterless GFPmut3.1 transcriptional fusion vector, contains an origin of replication for both P. aeruginosa andE. coli; Ampr B. Iglewski, unpublished data
 pmexA-gfppJK1 containing a mexA-gfptranscriptional fusion; Ampr This study
 pmexC-gfppJK1 containing a mexC-gfptranscriptional fusion; Ampr This study
 poprMPlasmid poprM contains a 639-bp PCR fragment internal tooprM cloned into the EcoRV site of pBluescript SK; origin of the 660-bp oprM-specific DNA probeThis study
 pRSP47Origin of the 2,000-bp mexCD-specific DNA probeThis study