Table 2.

Genotypes and susceptibilities to PDF inhibitors, and doubling times of S. pneumoniae actinonin-resistant and -susceptible strainsa

StraindefBMean T2in min (SD)MIC (μg/ml)
ATCC49619wt51 (1.4)3216
VSPN6501Q172K60 (2.9)128256
VSPN6503A123D64 (2.6)64128
VSPN6504A123D66 (2.3)128128
  • a wt, wild type;T 2, doubling time; Act, actinonin

  • b PDF inhibitor (D. Chen, C. Hackbarth, Z. J. Ni, W. Wang, C. Wu, D. Young, R. J. White, J. Trias, D. V. Patel, and Z. Yuan, Abstr. 40th Intersci. Conf. Antimicrob. Agents Chemother., abstr. 2175, 2000).