Table 3.

DNA and deduced amino acid sequence alignmentsa

Strain% DNA homology% Protein homologyAmino acid substitutionbPCR resultFragment size (kb) by RFLP analysis with EcoRIβ-Lactamase allelic variantc
TK75, TK136, TK167100.00100.00+8
K280 (Mzs)99.54100.00+8.5
K237 (Mzr)100.00100.00+8.5
K48 (Mzr)98.8099.65Leu35Gln+7SHV-31
K103, K21899.3699.65Gly156Asp+8.5SHV-27
K29999.1899.30Ala126Val Gly156Asp+8.5SHV-32
K263d 90.9290.91Val22Ala, Tyr24Asp, Asn53Ser, Leu88Val, 284AlaAlaLeulleGluHisTrp2908.5LEN-2
SHV-1e 99.20100.00SHV-1
LEN-1f 89.9587.76
OHIO-1g 94.8894.41
  • a Matches are expressed relative to the SHV-1pMON38 sequence used in this study. Mzr, mezlocillin resistant; Mzs, mezlocillin susceptible.

  • b Amino acid sequence numbers according to Ambler et al. (1).

  • c Sequence data for SHV-32, SHV-33, and LEN-2 will appear in the GenBank nucleotide sequence data under accession numbers AY037778, AY037779, and AY037780, respectively. Allele designations are reported at

  • d Amino acid substitutions for K263 were determined by comparison with the LEN-1 consensus sequence.

  • e Sequence from GenBank (accession numberAF148150).

  • f Sequence from EMBL data bank (accession number X04515).

  • g Sequence from EMBL data bank (accession number M33655).