Table 2.

SHV-1 gene locus approximation according to the profile obtained by RFLP analysis with Southern blottinga

PCR result for SHV-1 geneStrainpI by IEFFragment size (kb) obtained with the following endonucleaseb:
PositiveK757.68.5 + 810 + 9>23 + 5 + 2.3410 + 91.8
K487.67ND5 + 2.316ND1.8
K537.6 + 7.18.51023 + 2.34ND1.8
K517.18.5ND23 + 2.310ND1.8
NegativeK263c 5.48.5102.31.82.4ND
  • a Total chromosomal DNA was used for RFLP analysis.

  • b EcoRI and HindIII did not cut the gene for SHV-1, LEN-1, or OHIO-1, whereasNotI, BamHI and KpnI are one-site gene-specific endonucleases for SHV-1 (NotI) and LEN-1 (BamHI, KpnI) genes. Finally, PstI has one site in all genes. ND, Not determined.

  • c Sequencing analysis detected an allelic variant of LEN-1 (see Table 3).