Table 1.

S. maltophila strains and plasmids used in this studya

Strain or plasmid Description Source or reference
 ULA-511Wild type 9
 K1765 ULA-511 ΔsmeE This study
 K1793ULA-511 ΔsmeF This study
 K1449 L1 and L2 β-lactamase-deficient double mutant of ULA-511 34
 K1766K1449 ΔsmeE This study
 K1795 K1449 ΔsmeF This study
 K1385 ULA-511 MDR mutant, overproduces SmeF (previously called SmeM) 34
 K1767 K1385 ΔsmeE This study
 K1794 K1385 ΔsmeF This study
 K1439 ULA-511 MDR mutant34
 K1768 K1439 ΔsmeE This study
 K1796 K1439 ΔsmeF This study
 pEX18Tc Broad-host-range gene replacement vector; 6.35 kb; sacB; tetracycline resistant11
 pLZ706 pEX18Tc::ΔsmeE This study
 pLZ755 pEX18Tc::ΔsmeF This study
  • a With the exception of strain ULA-511 (the reference strain), all strains listed are laboratory isolates.